Personal & Hobbies

birthday wishlist feeling generous? 😛
Pixelfed my personal pictures
Github my open source projects
OpenUserJS my Greasemonkey scripts
IQcaptcha I wrote this as an April fools joke
wget-2-zim I wrote this tool for archiving websites for offline view with Kiwix reader (DE) German forum for giant pumpkins and peppers

Free access, anti-censorship, download tools

Sci-Hub provides free access to the vast majority of scientific papers
Bypass Paywalls Clean Unblocks over 600 paywalled sites like Newspapers and Journals
DVD Android app to download Youtube videos
youtube-dl command line tool to download videos from Youtube and many other sites
Youtube hide verified (userscript) attempts to counteract censored results by hiding verfied channels


Linux Ubuntu a free operating system (free as in freedom, also known as FOSS or libre software)
Godot free game engine, competitor to Unity, growing at a fast pace
Xonotic free oldschool arena shooter, similar to Quake 3
LMMS free Digital Audio Workstation to compose music with (something like Fruity Loops)
Conversations Android XMPP client, federated e2e encrypted messaging (no mass surveillance)
Yunohost one-click end-user server management software for self-hosting all your own data
OpenAI Beta as of 2021 this AI can talk, reason, write computer programs, newspaper articles & more
MSYS2 gives you a Linux shell for development & running tools (quicker alternative to WSL2)
Kiwix an offline reader for websites like Wikipedia
Ublock Origin adblocker for mobile and desktop
I don't care about Cookies removes stupid cookie warnings on all websites

Blogs, Journals and non-political News

Noesis journal of the high IQ Mega Society
The Bumbling Biochemist educational blog articles and videos on biochemistry
Information Processing Steve Hsu's blog (Physics, Genomics and more)
Meta Politics random Zoomer podcast and blog about politics
Natural Selections Heather Heying's Substack (Darkhorse Podcast)
Where Are The Numbers Norman Fenton's Substack (covid & other statistics)
Robert Malone's Substack covid & politics
John Campbell's Substack covid and health information

Political News

Reclaim The Net free speech portal, censorship watchdog
Resistance GB free press media from the UK free press media portal created by Ben Swann
Apolut (DE) free press media portal from Germany  (KenFM successor)
United Free Press reboot free press association
Project Veritas undercover journalist group
Robert Malone's Substack covid & politics

Health Information

Children's Health Defense exposing corruption and environmental hazards
RFK Jr. - Vaccines The Unauthorized Truth vaccine safety information and expose of pharma corruption
Natural Selections Heather Heying's Substack (Darkhorse Podcast)
Where Are The Numbers Norman Fenton's Substack (covid & other statistics)
John Campbell's Substack covid and health information
The New Neander's Medical blog on common medical topics


Communism Memorial Foundation Learn about the hundreds of millions of victims of communism
1984 a novel that explores the archetypes and consequences of totalitarian government


Odysee like Youtube, works via LBRY (p2p anti-censorship blockchain technology)
Pixelfed like Instagram, but federated and free (connects to Mastodon as well)
Mastodon it's like a mixture of Facebook and Twitter, but federated and free


GoodGifts .org Charity Shop where you can build wells or save people from death in poor countries

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