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Warning: This text was translated from German and represents the German state of affairs. In a few instances it also cites German data sources, such as COVID-19 fatality rates in children from the Robert Koch Institute (which is explicitly labeled). Due to differences in numbers caused by different health care capacities, quality of service, social security, standard of living, demography and so fort, the rationale and urgency to vaccinate might change substantially for a different country. 

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Retrospective studies cannot find any plausible evidence that covid measures
or vaccines have contributed
to a reduction of cases or deaths. [68]

1. overview of the pandemic

06.01.2024 Large retrospective study that encompasses six European countries is unable to find plausible evidence that covid vaccines or measures have contributed to a reduction of covid cases or deaths. [68]

05.07.2023 Study finds via highly reliable biomarker, that 1 in 35 people suffered myocardial injury from the covid vaccines (per vaccination). Albeit most not to a degree that would require hospitalization. [69]

18.10.2022 V-Safe data shows that 33.1% of people who received the vaccine had a significant side effect, such that 25% missed work or school the next day and 7.7% required medical care. Apparently the CDC had simply ignored their usual formulas to calculate death and safety signals. The data, covering nearly 10 million people, has been kept secret for almost two years and was now finally released by lawsuit. [66]

Note: From 2022 onwards, I only rarely followed the topic. Hence a lot of crucical evidence about vaccine safety might be missing.

February 2022 Scientific analysis confirms, that 71% of vaccine adverse events and damages are caused by only 4.2% of vaccine batches [68]. The raw data can also be viewed at

23.12.2021 Preliminary study finds for the omicron variant, that the vaccines only show a significantly reduced effect (<50%) against infections in the first 2-3 months, which decreases rapidly within this short period of time and is already lost entirely after [51]. Later studies replicate similar results [65]. Dozens of serum studies also show that the vaccines are apparently significantly limited in their ability to neutralize the virus (reduced 9-100x), and that only revaccination can produce another weak but short-lived effect [52]. However, serum studies do not say anything concrete about the effectiveness of the vaccine, since they are only laboratory tests. 

Attention to omicron:  During January 2022 the Omicron variant has now completely replaced the Delta variant in most countries. In the relevant age groups, the risk of hospitalization is approximately 3-4 times lower with Omicron than it was with Delta [61]. Since the vaccines approved in the EU to date only immunize against the spike protein, and the spike protein now has been changed too much by mutations [54], it is to be expected in any case that the immunization from all these vaccines will be severely restricted, similar or not possibly even worse than preliminary studies already indicate. Antibodies against the spike protein also play an important but much smaller role in natural immunity against SARS-CoV-2 [ 55]. It is therefore still relatively unclear to what extent these mutations affect naturally acquired immunity. There is an increased risk of reinfection, which is currently estimated to be about 5 times as high as before.

29.10.2021 Mega-study from the USA finds that unvaccinated people in the USA have an almost 3x higher risk of dying from non-covid causes than vaccinated people [57]. This is also known as the "healthy user effect", a problem in statistical analysis that often leads to bias in studies. It means that even if a vaccinated person had just received an inactive substance (placebo) instead of the vaccine, ostensibly from the data, they would seem to still live healthier and live more cautiously otherwise, which reduces their risks in a statistic. But there are also many other possible explanations for this effect, which is not only evident in the USA [59][67]. What is worth mentioning here, is a constructed error which miscategorizes vaccinated people as unvaccinated people 14 days after each vaccination, and significantly distorts the data and causes artifacts of such nature. In this way, the COVID-19 vaccines do not only show a protective effect of at least 66% against the virus, but also against all other causes of death such as traffic accidents or lung cancer. It is therefore nonsensical to derive as high of a protective effect of the vaccines against COVID-19, as the hospitalization and death figures from some instututions and studies commissioned by governments indicate, sometimes ostensibly as high as 99%. Such high figures are bordering bilogical implausibility and usually cannot be reproduced without contradictions from up-to-date raw data, in a manner that is consistent with other data sources. These numbers must be analyzed first by targeted independet scientific studies, to reach any kind of definitive conclusion.

25.10.2021 Mega study from Sweden  finds from January 2021 to October 2021 that the double-vaccination was very effective (>80%) in the first 3 month, but then decreased heavily in effect, such that not any effectiveness could be detected against infection after 7 month. The protection against severe illness lasted at 80% for 4 month, then waned similarly and stabilized at around 20% [34]. The study did not clarify to which extent this dramatic loss of efficacy was caused by the vaccine resistance of the delta variant, or by the unspecific drop of efficacy in vaccines over time.

29.10.2021 Big study shows, that vaccinated people become infected with the delta variant in households with a probability of 25%, and not vaccinated people with a probability of 38%. Both are (if sick) in the same way infectious and shed the same amount of viruses. However, vaccinated people recover 18% faster [1]. Those probabilities would correspond to a vaccine efficacy of 34%, that is 13.2 times more ineffective as originally claimed by manufacturers when requesting final approval from the FDA (Pfizer & BioNTech 95%[35]). The study was published in the most renowned medical journal "The Lancet".

21.10.2021 The number of vaccinated COVID-19 cases in hospitals exceeds 65% in the UK [2]. At the time when vaccination rollout had just begun in spring and the alpha variant was dominant, more than 80% of the COVID-19 patients were not vaccinated. According to German data from the Robert Koch Institute, in October 2021 the vaccination rate amongst deceased COVID-19 cases is 42% and amongst the hospitalized still 32% [4]. In November the numbers are 46% and 44%[47]. In the UK on the other hand, the vaccination rate amongst people who died of/with corona is 80% in November [3]. It is important to take into account that young and healthy people are much more likely to choose against vaccination. And that the vaccination rate in retirement homes, as well as in vulnerable people with pre-existing health conditions, is over 90%. This is why old, vulnerable and for the most part also vaccinated people are most defining to the hospital situation and COVID-19 fatalities. Different countries produce different numbers, for example because they have different recording and reporting methods, the quality of the data is not the same, or there are differences in infection or vaccination rates, quality of the health care system, general health quality, or demography.

30.09.2021 Statistical analysis (Eur. journal of epidemiology / Harvard Prof.) shows worldwide in times of the delta variant, that there is no correlation between the vaccination rate in any particular country and the number of new infections [5]. This does not necessarily mean, that the vaccines are entirely ineffective against the spread of the virus at the population level. The complete lack of effect of the vaccines could also partially be due to the more careless behavior of the vaccinated, or because they are granted more privileges to freedoms in our societies.

10.08.2021 Data from the Israeli government shows a vaccine efficacy of 39% in registered cases, as well as 88% in the hospitalized for the delta variant [6]. Hospitalization figures should, however, be interpreted with extreme caution. Because who does and who does not go to the hospital in the first place, or who is and who is not sent home from the emergency room depends primarily on how high the risk of the future course of the disease is assessed, which is where the vaccination status primarily influences the conclusions drawn and decisions made. This type of distortion is also called "admission rate bias" or "sampling bias" [7]. It is also the case, for example, that there are more people among the unvaccinated who not only do not get vaccinated, but who also make many other decisions in their lives that are worse for their health (also known as "healthy user effect"). These and other factors then also lead to the fact that they have to be admitted to a hospital. Since the hospitalized are already a highly selected group, such subtle differences can lead to severe changes in numbers. Scientific studies are necessary in order to rule out bias of this nature and all kinds of bias as far as possible. Natural observations alone are only clues, suggested causalities are not automatically facts.

March to June 2021 The vaccination rate rises from 5% to 50% (first dose) [8]. At the same time the alpha variant decreases rapidly and accordingly, and the more vaccine resistant delta variant spreads explosively in the thereby created vacuum [9]. The alpha variant now practically goes extinct within a few weeks.

18.03.2021 The most renowned scientific journal "Nature" suggests that herd immunity is not feasible [10].

December 2020 Studies are started with the very first vaccinations. Many of these studies are not published until 6-12 months later. These studies are still used today as cornerstones of expert opinions and policy decisions, as if they reflected current circumstances. Despite the fact that data collection began in early in 2021, which means that the results do not, or do only partially reflect the dramatic changes introduced by the delta variant.

September 2020 Insights into vaccine research suggest that the virus may very well adapt to a vaccine through mutations. This would be so, because it belongs to the rapidly mutating RNA viruses, like the flu virus. But mumps, measles and yellow fever also belong to the RNA viruses, as exceptions to the rule so to speak, against which effective vaccines have existed for a long time. It is described how the usual development time and experimental research is reduced from 10-12 years to 1-1.5 years [11].

Fall 2020 Data from the European excess mortality monitoring (, as well as, shows on the basis of excess deaths that the virus almost exclusively affects older people, and younger people under 44 as well as especially children, are unaffected. To this day it is striking that mostly rich countries with expensive health care systems show hardly any, and some (like Germany) even no unusual mortality rate at all, despite high case numbers [32].

April 2020 In the German federal management report for the corona virus, it is estimated that there are 9902 free intensive care beds (42%). The situation is assessed very realistically and as probably requiring little action. [12] The government then creates financial incentives for hospitals to reduce intensive care beds [13]. Thereby one year later, around 6000 fewer beds were reported [14]. The analysis of the intensive care bed scandal by experts in April 2021 not only shows that fewer beds were reported in this period. But also that the total number of ICU patients in all hospitals remained virtually the same at all times, despite rising COVID-19 rates in the ICU. That is, the COVID-19 patients were admitted "with" but not necessarily "because of" the virus [15][39][41]. The hospital bed reporting is declared as unusable.

2. vaccinating children

Does it make sense on a population level to fully vaccinate all children against SARS-CoV-2 in Germany? The answer is very clearly: no. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Robert Koch Institute has recorded around 15 children under the age of 9 who have died of COVID-19 [16], which would correspond to less than 10 children per year. If you use VAERS data of some already well-trialed vaccine, like for example the diphtheria vaccines, to calculate a probable fatality rate caused by those vaccines [17][43], then you will reach a figure of 1 death per 75,888 complete vaccinations [22]. This would correspond to 191 deaths if you fully vaccinated all children under 18 years of age in Germany [22]. For every child that probably died as a result of the vaccination, there will be 61.85 reported adverse vaccine events in other children[18][44], which makes a total of 11,813 adverse vaccine events for 14.5 million children (<18) in Germany.  About 10% of those adverse events (1146) are classified as serious, which includes for example, encephalitis, myocarditis, organ failure, blood clots, autoimmune diseases and developmental damage [23][45]. Many generally assume that the actual numbers are 10-100 times higher for the VAERS concerning severe adverse events due to underreporting [24] [42]. Of course, it makes sense to accept vaccine induced fatalities and injuries as very rare side effects, if on the other hand tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of children would be saved from death and very serious injuries from diseases such as tetanus or polio. But according to the mentioned data, with the COVID-19 vaccines this would just not be the case. It would precisely be so, that the virus is significantly less harmful to children in Germany than the vaccination itself. If you assume a vaccination effectiveness of "100%" and take the diphtheria data as basis for comparison, then the corona vaccination would cause almost 13 times as many fatalities as the virus, and 788 times more adverse events than deaths (this is without underreported numbers!) [25]. Therefore it would be a crime to risk and sacrifice the health of children, no matter if it is done to protect the elderly from infection, i.e. to reduce health care cost, or simply out of ignorance.

But wait a minute, the vaccines aren't actually 100% effective. To the best of our knowledge (in December 2021) they are only 34-39% effective against infection, maybe even less than that. And even that has only been true to the obsolete delta variant, which is currently being replaced by the much more vaccine-resistant omicron variant. This means that the harmful effects of the virus will be added on top of the adverse effects of the vaccines, instead of simply one risk being replaced by the other. If you now tried to argue, that the vaccines do not really protect against infection, but they still protect very well against severe disease and death, then you would be committing to an error in reasoning that I have already explained in the "overview of the pandemic" (s. 29.10.2021 & 10.08.2021). In addition to that, those observations cannot reasonably be transferred to apply to children, because the figures are almost exclusively generated by people of old age whose health situation differs and whose immune system is constituted entirely differently. For young people there are only the mortality numbers as reliable and meaningful figures (e.g. ) in which the virus poses no threat to them. A vaccine efficacy of ~ 37% also has only been true, and only to the obsolete delta variant, if the children would have been vaccinated at least twice a year for the rest of their life. This would not be the case with natural immunity, which works entirely differently. If you do not constantly revaccinate, the vaccines will become ineffective within a very short time [26] [34]. The second vaccination has multiple times the side effects of the first vaccination [27], and this increase is likely to continue with each subsequent vaccination. The third and follow-up vaccinations are an experiment on the population, with an experimental vaccine that only received emergency authorization in an extreme hurry and that we still don't know enough about.

Over 17,000 physicians and scientists conclude, that children are not unusually endangered by the virus, that the safety of the vaccines cannot be sufficiently determined, that the side effects can be extreme, and that natural immunity is superior and very important to children[48]. One million doctors and scientists declared, that COVID-19 is less harmful to children than influenza and they ask that children as well as adults should be able to resume their life without restrictions as long as they do not belong to any at-risk group[49].

If you have doubts about the vaccines, please seek qualified medical advice from your doctor in any case. Show them the information on this flyer or this website and ask them for a detailed evaluation of the provided studies and facts.

video source: Individuelle Impfentscheidung

3. constitutional rights and media

Even before the Corona crisis, we experienced a very dramatic increase in censorship and manufacturing of public opinion that was initiated and controlled by governments as well as directly and independently by industries. In the smokescreen of the pandemic, many cornerstones have now been laid for a totalitarian system whose worldwide influence is expanding on the basis of shared political and financial interests. Censorship, violation of basic constitutional rights and the propagandistic distortions of the so-called mainstream media have never shown as obviously and dramatically as in the last two years. Maybe you only watched CNN and ABC news and you didn't really notice it. That's a bit like only talking with people on the right-wing about politics, or only talking in China about god with Buddhists. Whatever comes from this might be a bit unreal and at times it may even be very far from the truth. But it is also possible to free yourself and exit this bubble. I hope that I can now summarize the democracy crisis[46] that emerged recently: More and more censorship-friendly laws are being passed, such as the NetzDG or the Medienstaatsvertrag[50]. The infrastructure for a radicalized enforcement of copyrights, such as upload filters, is one of the key components for instant, invisible and effortless censorship to take place in the Inernet. The EU has just passed the DSA, which is a Trojan horse draconian censorship law that even allows governments to declare a "state of emergency" inside the Internet, empowering them to temporarily and arbitrarily ignore ordinary law [62]. A very similar act, ironically also called the "DSA", has been in effect in Bangladesh since 2018. It is very well known to be heavily abused to silence and jail government critics and journalists on a regular basis [63]. In March 2022 the EU started mandating censorship of certain news agencies with foreign affiliations, and spreads western war propaganda[64]. In Summer 2021, the EU did decide to derogate (=indefinitely ignore) all laws pertaining to privacy of correspondence in the digital sphere. It will soon be mandatory for all providers (e.g. Whatsapp or emails) to participate in a giant mass-surveillance program and to decrypt any and all all communications, like text, image, video, voice messages or phone calls [28]. In a great many of countries, the police has been legally empowered to break into any residence without a search warrant, probable cause or imminent danger [29]. Other enabling acts, for example of the health minister, have also been implemented as part of the German Infection Protection Law [60]. In Germany probable cause has never been required for a search and seizure (including PCs and smartphones). Instead only the arbitrary agreement of the state attorney is necessary, and they cannot be sued in any way for misjudgement. The right to protest, that mandates that constitutional protest cannot be cancelled and denied, has been abolished [30]. Many other (but less critical) basic constitutional rights have been restricted, for example the right to take part in public life or the right to move about freely in public. We are about to create a social credit alike system, with a digital passport that has to be carried with you at all times, and that is capable of identifying any citizen and their behaviors. Now the most intimate freedom we have, our bodily autonomy, self-determination and even our human rights are at risk. Don't let our constitutional justice system go to waste. Come to the constitutional rights movements and protests. Defend our democratic values. Fight censorship, constitutional and human rights violations in every imaginable form, especially when these are legitimized and rationalized by the state and the system-compliant media. Use XMPP, Signal, Telegram, Odysee, Pixelfed, Mastodon, Linux, Yandex or Duckduckgo as search engine, so that you do not enable and normalize censorship and surveillance systems with your behavior.

Major search engines and video portals have been censoring a variety of specific topics extremely for several years, particularly in politics and health, but also history and science. The censorship is controlled by artificial intelligence and is switched on and off at certain times, depending on the user's location, in order to hide the censorship. For example, it was often no longer possible to effectively find out the dates and websites of organizational groups using Google, a week before and after a mass protest, especially if the user was in that country/region. Yandex is the only search engine that does not suffer from extreme censorship.

Take the first 10 steps out of the censorship bubble.

Bias in statistical data:

Did you know that it is possible to show from data of meta-analyses that heavy cigarette smoking seems to have a 74%-93% protective effect against COVID-19 hospitalization [36][37]? Wow, that's more than the vaccines! Then I better quickly light one up now. And another one for my 2 year old nephew too. Maybe you can also offer the children cigarettes in the school yard, so that they can decide for themselves what is right and wrong. Or better yet, distribute the smoke through the ventilation system? The children cannot yet know what's good for them and what's not. That's why we have our experts in the government who make such important decisions in our lives. It's only temporary. If the children feel a little dizzy or get a rash in their mouth, that only means that the cigarettes are working. It's not that bad, and nobody dies if you stop later. How else can we cope with this difficult time and save all those people in the overcrowded hospitals?

This is of course nonsense. But such statistical distortions, called "bias", are commonplace in science. Unfortunately, a lot of these distortions cannot really be corrected afterwards by some math trick or something. The problem always roots in how the data was recorded particularly and whether or not the selection of subjects was skillful and intelligent. But of course a lot of other things also play a role, for example how you test and observe many other things. Unfortunately studies get the more expensive, the more bias becomes impossible by design. This could be achieved, for example, by including more people who are not really of interest. But since it is hard to get enough funds, in most cases you end up having to rely on data that has already been there somehow before the study. When setting up a study, scientists must try very hard to anticipate how all the contexts of facts, their relationships, origins and other possibilities could distort the causalities. And it happens from now and then that they don't see something or don't think about something, which then doesn't necessarily come to the mind of others either who read and cite these studies. Sometimes it's just a matter of opinion, what should and what shouldn't be straightened out and how, so that something decent comes from it.

Have you noticed for example, that you now see those huge numbers of unvaccinated people in the corona case numbers in the news (1823 unvaccinated but only 23 vaccinated in Saxony, Germany[38]]), and the portion of vaccinated people is tiny by comparison? As we know, this clearly contradicts the data of the RKI and also the current scientific knowledge. So how can it be? Is it just a statistical outlier that's particularly highlighted here? The answer is very simple: obviously vaccinated people were no longer tested, since they were vaccinated, because they were vaccinated. So the infections of the vaccinated simply have no longer been recorded. However, unvaccinated people continue to cause the same rate of case numbers as before because they also do the same number of tests as before. Oh damn, that's how it is! You really have to think of this first, before you see it! But whether the politicians are also that smart, is always written in the stars anew. In Austria, unfortunately, this time it was not understood. And in Australia they have more issues than just poor comprehension.

Read more about the notorious "collider bias" and the problems of data analysis in the corona pandemic here:

By the way, distortions can also be produced by intent and studies can be structured deliberately in such a way that they deliver certain desired results. But unfortunately, this is a very comprehensive topic for another time perhaps.

Calculation for the fatality rate and adverse events of the diphtheria vaccines:

A child receives 5 diphtheria shots up to the age of 6, 4 of them in the first 12 months. These are different combination vaccines. According to VAERS, there were 41 deaths among children under 6 years of age in 2017 [17][43] and 2535 vaccine adverse events [18][44], of which 246 were serious [23][45]. In the USA 3,855,500 children were born in 2017 [19], so at a vaccination rate of 80.7% [20], about 3,111,388.5 children were fully vaccinated and thus fully recorded by the VAERS data within one year. There are 14.52 million people under the age of 18 in Germany. Dividing 14.52 million by 3,111,388.5, gives a factor of 4.66. If you hence multiply 41 by 4.66, you get 191 deaths. This corresponds to 1 death per 75,888 complete vaccinations. The number of adverse events (11813) and serious adverse events (1146) is just as easy to get (2535 * 4.66 and 246 * 4.66). These numbers seem so oddly high, because with the corona vaccines, in this calculation it is assumed that all children of all ages would be vaccinated at the same time, and not just the children born that year. Note: I corrected the numbers in 2023 because the filter for US territories was missing and produced an overestimation. However as VAERS also contains many incompletely filed reports, the filtering leads to a slight underestimation. In any case, the conclusions drawn from those numbers remain absolutely unchanged.

Distorted media

Unfortunately I haven't really looked into journalistic sources often. So it is quite hard for me to now recommend good sites, where you could quickly inform yourself about all the the things that have happened in the last 2 years, but which have not been reported on or have been polarized, euphemized or otherwise twisted in the mainstream media. For more statistics and facts, you can visit is also a good site with a lot of scientific information. (German) and are new media portals that have been created by journalists specifically, who have simply been censored because they made too many critical reports. also comes to mind. On you can find a long list of organizations (e.g. from doctors or judges and lawyers), as well as background information on the topic and also a lot of alternative journalistic sites and newspapers. Unfortunately on some of those alternative sites some reports are sometimes also not entirely accurate and somewhat selective and biased, just like it is ordinarily the case on television or in a newspaper. From now and then it might be that causal connections are not identified properly, or it might even be that they are exaggerated intentionally, even if you rarely ever find blatant untruths: just exactly how you should know it from television and the newspaper. But then it is biased in the opposite direction. Many independent journalists who report critically, also tend to produce critical and otherwise unusual reports in very high numbers. But it only follows: When people have already seen all those ordinary things on TV, it hardly makes sense to report twice about them for no reason. Then what is left to report on are mostly controversial subjects. So please read those alternative sites just like you should read the newspaper: not with closed eyes, but with a skeptical mindset. Most importantly use internet portals that are either resistant to or low in manipulation and censorship like , und .

video source:

nursing crisis: a result of underpay and inhumane working conditions

Study shows that about 200,000 nurses in Germany (unemployed or working in other jobs) can be reactivated in an instant, if just conditions and payments were appropriate.

artifical  shortage of doctors

Did you know? The Numerus Clausus was created in 1972 as a stop-gap measure, to limit the sudden high rise in university students, that had been caused by the Baby Boomer generation. It should only be in effect for the time that it takes for the universities to increase their student capacities [31], since article 12 of the German constitution guarantees access to the universities for every German citizen who qualified in school by completing the (Fach-)Hochschulreife [40]. But instead the NC has been set to absurd values since 40 years (1,0 currently, corresponds to A+++ and it is the lowest possible), and thereby it has been abused to create an artificial shortage of medical professionals, in order to avoid health insurance and educational costs.


[13] (Seite 7)
[22] See "Calculation for the fatality rate and adverse events of the diphtheria vaccines"
[25] refers to children under 9, therefore the numbers for children under 18 years are divided in half: 401 / (2 * 10 per year) = 20 and 30667/ (2 * 10 per year) = 1500
[30] (Issue 57, 07.08.2021 Page 7)
[33] 95% means 5% breakthrough infections. At 34% there are 66%, so 66/5 = 13,2 times more
[43] For vaccine fatalities [17] there are 28 + 8 + 3 + 2 = 41 under 6 years of age.
[44] For all vaccine adverse events [18] there are 681 + 308 + 541 + 970 = 2500 under 6 years of age, plus the 70 reports with a missing "age" field, estimated by the ratio you get from the distribution among the age groups: 70* (2500/4954) = 35. Which makes 2535 total.
[45] For all severe vaccine adverse events [23] there are 136 + 43 + 43 + 24 = 246 under 6 years of age.

video source: Governor DeSantis YT

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